Hi! I’m a natural science enthusiast

passionate about native species, botany and nature photography

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Hi! I'm a natural science enthusiast


My background and experiences make me a well rounded individual.

JS Developer

Javascript, React, and jQuery form the technical backbone of my creative toolkit.


I’ve photographed professional marketing materials in different genres, including Food Photography, Lifestyle and Cannabis.

Web Designer

I design all my own JavaScript apps and I create professional, beautiful sites for clients to help meet their business needs.

Creative Director

As a Creative Director in film, I’ve managed small and large teams and orchestrated a variety of videos from concept to product delivery for our clients.

Project Manager

I'm highly organized, detail oriented and prompt. I've managed teams to ensure timely deliveries on a variety of projects including Web Development, Email and Social Media Campaigns.

Client Services

In every position in my career, I’ve worked closely with my clients to ensure they are delivered a quality product with their vision in mind.

About Me

I am a nature enthusiast looking to break into the field of botany or other natural science field.

Over the course of a decade I have learned that I do not want to sit in front of a computer as a full time job and feel most fulfilled when I am working at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, taking macro photography of plants or educating others about the great biodiversity San Diego has to offer.

While my background is non-traditional, I feel I have a lot to offer in terms of the wide array of skills I have gained and the passion I have for all things nature. I believe I'd be a great addition to any team.

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